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Hangover Cure?

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

hangover cureNew research from the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia has defined the best cure for a hangover. It’s not surprising; coffee and aspirin.

The caffeine in the coffee and the anti-inflammatory effects of aspirin react against ethanol, the demon drink’s actual demon. The study found that it’s the ethanol that brings on the headache because it produces acetate (yes, that clear plastic sheeting stuff!). When researchers induced headaches in rats using ethanol, then fed the lil’ critters caffeine and anti-inflammatories, they found it blocked the acetate production and relieved the headaches.

So we can relieve the effects of a drug – liquor – with a couple of  ‘lesser’ drugs. When we discovered alkaline antioxidant water, one of the things that attracted us was the claim that it was an excellent hangover cure. Twelve years later we still don’t know if it’s true – probably because we haven’t gotten drunk enough. My last hangover at age something less than 30 lated 3 days and I never got drunk since.

Do we have any volunteers out there? Perhaps your Christmas dinner?


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