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Grab our Alkaline Christmas Special!

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder


Look what you get!

  1. EcoVessel Recycled Glass portable water filter bottle with silicon sleeve. More info here.
    Filters your water as you drink it. And to go in the bottle…
  2. AlkaSachet alkalizing sachets.
    Drop one in your Ecovessel and you’ll get well over 100 litres of pure alkaline magnesium and calcium-rich superwater. Learn more here.
  3. AlkaPod Stainless steel water alkalizer.
    Uses a special magnesium media to alkalize and ionize water. ideal for travel.. or if your EcoVessel is enough.. give it to your best friend! Learn more here.
  4. Two bottles of the new super supplement, I LOVE H2.
    Drop it into a bottle of water, seal the cap and watch it dissolve into health-giving molecular hydrogen, the subject of over 500 scientific studies. 60 tablets in each. Learn more here 

    To order, either call us on AU 1300 255 292 or email us here. But please be quick. Freight companies go crazy at Christmas time and we want to get it to you before you sit down to that massive and acidifying Christmas dinner.


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