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Good News about the UltraStream

YesWe love good news. Daniel Angelini is a new AlkaWay client in Australia, and the first thing he did with his new UltraStream and its pH kit was a few comparisons. The picture is self explanatory! Daniel emailed us and said:

“I got my UltraStream connected a couple of days ago and love it! My Brita was actually making the water more acidic! I think it would be cool for you guys to create some content on social media comparing water, either tap or bottled, to water that’s been passed through the UltraStream. The visual representation speaks for itself. 

All the best!



There’s a lot to learn about alkaline water and diet. We’ve tried to put our 16 years of experience into a simple downloadable booklet called ‘The Untold Truth About Alkaline balance and Diet Click on the image to download yours free.UntoldAlkalinePDFsmall-1

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