Glyphosate found in all organs of malformed piglets

Ouch, Alert. (Meaning you’ll probably cringe when you read this…)

A new study published in the Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology has found that residues of the world’s number one herbicide, glyphosate, could be found in different organs and tissues of malformed euthanised one-day-old Danish piglets.

The study was a result of a Danish pig farmer, Ib Pedersen, taking live borne but malformed one-day-old piglets into a laboratory because of the extraordinarily high percentage of malformations in the piglets. He had been feeding them genetically modified (GM) soy. Examinations of the piglets showed glyphosate in all of their organs or tissues in different concentrations.

The researchers believe that “The detection of such glyphosate concentrations in these malformed piglets could be an allusion to the cause of these congenital anomalies. Further investigations are urgently needed to prove or exclude the role of glyphosate in malformations in piglets and other animals.”

Consuming organic pork is presently the best way of guaranteeing you won’t be ingesting these residues yourself if you eat pork.

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