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George Bush Acidic? Heavens to Betsy No!

Graham, our general manager, contributes to a health blog in the US. He posts to it just like this blog, and he includes many articles we have on file here in Australia. One such article was written by me about acidic or alkaline ‘personalities’ pointing out that calm people are usually more alkaline, and aggressive people more acidic. The first example of an acidic personality I suggested was the late Saddam Hussein. The second example was of an alkaline type; the Dalai Lama.

Now… up until now Graham has been getting wonderful comments on his articles. But when he added that George Bush was probably and acidic type (and really, folks, look at his diet!) Whaoh! the Americans did NOT like it, accusing him of ‘confusing politics with health’. Which brings me to this rather coincidental link comparing the way Americans think to Europeans.