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Fukushima and China. The New Threats to our Future Health

I am not a scaremonger. Like most people I am well aware that some websites are highly successful BECAUSE they scare people. I don’t like it and I don’t want to think that I could get rich that way. So what should I do when the facts published every day convince me that what we do for people will help every single person in the US from the two ‘clear and present dangers’ of Fukushima fallout and heavy metal rain across America?

I tell people. I would be more guilty if I did not than if I did, because I truly believe we have something important to give to people.

It’s not as if what we have to offer everyone is what we thought it was. When we designed the UltraStream water filter, ionizer and alkalizer, we designed it for that purpose; to give the cleanest possible alkaline ionized water to people at a price that they could, at last, afford. We achieved that easily with our choice of the very best and tested filtration media plus the very best alkalizing and ionizing media in the world.

But what does that have to do with Fukushima radiation falling on America? And what does it have to do with America being carpeted with heavy metal fallout from China?

It was a chance meeting with a brilliant young specialist in physiology and biochemistry that alerted us to the possibility that our water might be an answer to the radiation problem. He carried out very exhaustive research on electric water ionizers and taught me two important things.

(1) that the claims the vendor had made were scientifically er.. ‘inept’., and
(2) as he continued researching and also began his own lab testing and research he discovered something far bigger. He found that the process of what the vendor called ‘ionization’ actually infused molecular hydrogen (H2) gas into the output water. (There are currently over 350 scientific reports on ‘H2’).

In reality people should have been told the facts about molecular hydrogen in the first place; Indeed, hydrogen gas in the water was what was giving all the beneficial effects to drinkers.  And once he studied the 350 scientific reports, he realized he had discovered what people should have been told; that hydrogen gas in the water was what was giving all the beneficial effects to drinkers.

The range of studies is amazing.
It includes over 80 disease-specific studies including Alzheimer’s, Bipolar disease, and far, far more. But buried away in the mound of studies he also found studies showing the beneficial effect of molecular hydrogen on radiation effects. Yes, radiation effects! Here is the link to the studies. Take a look.  I can’t say as a result of these studies that you can be fully protected from the effects of Fukushima radiation if you drink UltraStream water. What I can say is that everyone we have delivered an UltraStream to are very, very happy about the existence of the studies, because their decision for the UltraStream has been validated.

fukushima__noaa_rad_plumeHow serious is the problem?
The internet is a minefield for anyone seeking facts on which to make a decision and the Fukushima issue has been commandeered by the internet fringe that sees everything as a government or big business plot. But satellite pictures of the water coming from Fukushima are chilling to say the least. Here in Australia we thought we would be relatively safe, but reports are now even coming in of increased levels in our Northern waters. Ocean currents make the west coast of the USA a far more vulnerable target.

Of course it’s not just the sea that is the problem. All of the steam vented from the sick reactors carries radioactive particles that find their way into the jetstream. That’s why inland USA is also experiencing raised radioactivity levels.

So… how can the UltraStream assist?

We can’t actually say that it will. The scientific reports show that hydrogen has an overall effect on the body is many areas including radiation. So all we can legally say, without carrying out million dollar studies to prove it, is that given the choice of ordinary water and UltraStream water, we’re very grateful for UltraStream water. We sent the UltraStream to Tyler’s AquaSciences for testing of hydrogen infusion and were amazed to find that at normal flow rate it gave three times the hydrogen than that of a 00 electric ionizer – even though it costs less than 0.
Here’s AquaScience’s laboratory test results.

And then there is the heavy metal problem.

Take a look at this article from UK’s Independent newspaper. It sums up California’s problem, but it applies to most of the US in varying degrees.

 “Rising emissions produced in China are a key reason global emissions of air pollutants have remained at a high level during 2000–2009 even as emissions produced in the United States, Europe and Japan have decreased.”

Let’s get a little perspective here. Millions of acres in China cannot be used because of heavy metal contamination. They just keep on polluting and even though they have the ability as a government to rectify the situation, the industries that keep China running are often very dirty technology. Shutting them down would be stopping the milk from a massive cash cow.

The reality is that Chinese heavy metals are dropping into our water supplies, landing on our fields and crops, seeping through our substrata.. and ending up in our food and water.

Virtually all electric water ionizers, all ‘big box store’ water filters.. DO NOT filter heavy metals. There’s a reason for this. Most people buy water filters on price, and the best heavy metal reduction media in the world, found in the UltraStream, is a patented media called KDF, and it’s expensive. We wanted the best for our clients so we took the step of adding KDF and ‘hang the cost’!

When we took that decision we thought that heavy metals would be an exception in water supplies. china-1That was before we learned about Chinese smog in USA.

And yet, even here we have struck it lucky. Not only does the KDF neutralise a huge range of heavy metals before they get into your body, molecular hydrogen has the ability to reduce hydroxyl radicals and increase enogenous antioxidants caused by oxidative stress. Putting it another way, studies asserted that it could be protective by actually increasing endogenous antioxidants – in addition to scavenging the hydroxyl radical following injury caused by heavy metals.

ThyroidSearch Google for protection from radioactivity and you’ll see iodine pop up first.

Yet iodine isn’t really an all-round protector. Basically, if you superdose with iodine you fill the iodine receptors in the thyroid, the most common target for radioactive iodine isotopes. (risky of itself – normal iodine dose is 210 mcg/day, but the dosage for prevention of radiation induced thyroid cancer is 130,000mcg! Plus.. excess iodine in some people can contribute to autoimmune thyroiditis.)  But if it’s already in your thyroid it will do nothing to remove it, and if you do manage to make your thyroid a ‘full house; then the radioactivity just moves on.

Compare this to what I’m reading about molecular hydrogen. Studies indicate it functions predominantly as a selective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and most of the damage caused by radiation-induced cellular damage is caused by hydroxyl radicals. And yet molecular hydrogen has been studied and seen to eliminate hydroxyl radicals from the body.

black1So where does that leave us?
We have a water filter we designed to deliver good quality alkaline and ionized water. For just that it’s great value and should be in every home. But what we now realise we have is a system that appears to be designed to counteract the dual threat to every American of heavy metals and radiation, plus give good pure alkaline water, at a price that is a fraction of lower performance higher cost electrical systems.


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