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Fluoride frenzy. We explain.

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Any contaminant in water is accompanied by a certain degree of justifiable indignation. Especially fluoride.

Rightly so, in the case of fluoride.

But with all the indignation, we see that there are some people who have ideas about how to manage a contaminant that are.. how can I say this? WRONG.

Today I had a call from a lovely lady who had just purchased an UltraStream. She had troubles fitting it to a tap so she went to see a local water filter man called Byron Cottone.

Now, Byron, I know very little about you, except what this lady said you said to her.
She said we approached you to sell our products but you would never recommend anything containing AA. – activated alumina, which we use to reduce fluoride. She was quite scared, and that’s why she called. Here’s what I told her. It’s the same thing we tell anyone who asks.

But.. here’s what I also told her.

There are grades of activated alumina. Chinese water filters, for instance, often use very cheap AA. The problem with this is that it contains a large degree of AA dust along with the large grains. This dust will pass through other layers of a filter and yes, can end up in your end water.

We experienced this problem when we sold a Chinese model. It’s one of the reasons we decided to spend the money and have our UltraStream made in the uSA.

We specified NSF approved AA for the UltraStream. Our water filtration specialist at the factory was able to give us a grade of AA that (although much more expensive) had no ‘dust’ and therefore would not pass through the filter.

We remained with AA because there are only 4 medias possible for fluoride removal:

a) AA

b) Zeolite (less effective and shorter lifespan)

c) Bone ash. From cows. No better in performance than AA but….

d) Ion Exchange Media. This collects the fluoride until at some point unknown tot he user, it ‘fills up;. At that point, it dumps all the fluoride back into the outflow. Not acceptable.

5. The design of a filter is all important. AA is the very first media inlet water penetrates. After that we have KDF, a powerful heavy metal reduction media, catalytic carbon, up to 8 times better than standard carbon, tourmaline, H2 media, quartz crystals and more carbon to finish. IF there was any AA dust, it would have to negotiate all of these layers plus the 1 micron filter pads between each media layer!

6. We know that many things said by water filter sellers are not true. We don’t expect people to believe us and have made the big leap – putting our money where our mouth is – to the most extensive testing of any water filter I am aware of. This includes:

a) Australian university testing of a witches’ brew of contaminants to the expected life of the filter. Report here.

b) EU Safety testing. The EU community have the most stringent safety regulations in the world, and actually helped us in the final placement of the AA in the filter, doing two tests to ensure no aluminium came through. Report here.

c) AquaSciences USA tests of molecular hydrogen output by the UltraStream. Report here.

So.. Byron, I understand you sell reverse osmosis water filters, and you recommend that your customers add an alkalizing filter to them. I have no problem with this approach except for a couple of points.

  1. You are removing everything from the water using your RO system then you are remineralising it back to somewhere close to its original pH level. To do this you need a far more complex unit than the UltraStream which is far, far harder to maintain.
  2. Alkalizing of water is so… yesterday. Yes, alkaline water is definitely healthier than pure RO water, but the work we’ve done over the last two years  with the help of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation’s Tyler LeBaron, has taken us to a far greater understanding of why our UltraStream water has such a good effect on people. It’s the infused molecular hydrogen, and an add-on remineralising filter simply won’t do it.

    Byron, I honour your knowledge of RO and understand where you are coming from. RO is certainly still the most complete purification system, even with all of its operational and installation difficulties. I just disagree with your belief that all AA is bad.




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