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The End of Medicine as we know it?

3M%20Littman stethoscopeAre we facing the end of modern medicine? 

That’s certainly what Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), famously predicted recently… 

She finally admitted that antibiotics have been so over-used that they’re now almost completely useless against ‘super strains’ of bacterial infection. 

We’ve also heard warnings from the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies: 

“…the rise in antibiotic-resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding.”

This means that, in future, routine operations could become impossible to carry out, and minor cuts and grazes become potentially life-threatening. 

Now, you’re probably thinking: “What’s all the fuss about? All they need to do is develop a new antibiotic to fix the problem.” 

But, this isn’t going to happen any time soon. No new antibiotic has been developed in nearly 40 years. 

Big Pharma companies just aren’t interested in developing new antibiotics. They make more profit from developing drugs that keep us ill — drugs for diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia and cholesterol — than from ones that cure us. 

And there’s another snag… 

According to David Healy, Professor in Psychological Medicine at the Cardiff University School of Medicine, drug companies are deliberately fiddling the figures in order to hide the lethal side effects of their drugs. And the regulators are just sitting on their hands doing nothing. 

For example, one patient in the US was recently awarded $9 billion compensation — yes, $9 billion — after he developed pancreatic cancer from taking the diabetes drug, Actos. 

It turns out that the manufacturer had known of these risks all along — but had withheld this information from doctors and patients. 

In short, the drugs we’ve come to rely on have now become either ineffective or too dangerous to use. 

At best, they’re no better than placebo for treating illness… 

When medical ‘insiders’ begin to break ranks and spill the beans, then you know something must be horribly wrong with our whole drug-based system of healthcare. 

So, you need to ask yourself: 

  • Do you want to put yourself at risk from prescription drugs?
  • Do you want to be one of the privileged ones who know about safer, scientifically-proven, natural cures and preventions that will keep you free from disease?
  • Or will you, like 90 per cent of others, simply succumb to the rising tide of chronic illnesses, which can turn your later years from being ones full of vigour and vitality into ones where you’re just living sicker for longer?
  • Do you really have a viable alternative health maintenance strategy?

Make sure you’re well prepared and informed for the day when the shutters come down on our current system of health care!