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A Dry Month

Does giving up all alcohol for a month really make a difference, even if you’re just in the habit of drinking a glass or two of wine a few times a week?

Prior to last year, there wasn’t much research to back this up, but now there is!

Last year, the team at the New Scientist conducted an internal study to put the liver vacation to a test.

14 members of the New Scientist team, who considered themselves to be “normal” drinkers, had ultrasound scans to measure the amount of fat on their liver. They also did  blood tests to check their overall health.

10 of them drank no alcohol for the next five weeks, while four others continued as normal.

After the experiment, they went back to the hospital to repeat the tests.

Unsurprisingly, the four people who continued drinking saw no significant change.

But for the abstainers, the following happened:

  • Liver fat fell by 15% (up to 20% in some people). Liver fat can cause inflammation and can result in liver disease.
  • Blood glucose levels dropped by 16%
  • Total cholesterol dropped by 5%
  • Ratings of sleep quality rose by 10%

The only negative they reported was regarding their social life. Other reports I’ve found online regarding the “Dry January” only show positive results for most people.