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Demand Destruction: could this be the end of electronic water ionizers?

Radio shack

I just finished a very interesting article about Radio Shack, the supply-it-all gadget source for so many years. It’s dying for one simple reason; the new cell phone has stolen all its functions. All its funky little gadgets it once sold truckloads of  have been subsumed by an i-Phone app.

Now there’s a term that sociologists are using. They call this Demand Destruction – when a product’s demand is destroyed by a new technology.

It’s my belief that this is about to happen with electronic water ionizers. The latest release water ionizer bears more than one similarity to the latest i-Phone; no really useful new features or functions, and in this particular case, even an i-Phone-like control panel!  And like the new i-Phone it’s more expensive than the previous model.

Aug2014-6So it’s pretty clear to insiders like myself that the makers have no new tricks up their sleeve to create new forms of demand simply because the old technology is what it is; significantly unimprovable.
We’ve already sold 100 UltraStreams this month here in Australia and more in our other world offices – and I believe it’s our version of  ‘Demand Destruction’.  People like it and we are even selling it to many people who already owned electronic systems and are upgrading to the UltraStream. We are the first electronic water ionizer company in the world to drop the product and design our own simpler, more filter-efficient and more hydrogen efficient device. It was a real wrench economically which has paid off simply because, like the i-Phone vs. the many gadgets from Radio Shack, it’s a more elegant solution in so many ways and like the i-Phone, it brings massive benefits to the consumer for a massively lower cost.

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