The ‘Deep’ Secret to why America has Donald Trump

Here in Australia – and in most of the world.. we are simply amazed at the Trump phenomenon. trumpsupp

Why, why, why have so many Americans agreed with Mr Trump’s simplistic approach to politics?
Everyone I speak to in countries across the globe just shake their heads in disbelief.

We cannot believe what appears to be the obvious answer. That perhaps Americans are er.. DUMBER than the rest of the world.

However, in a  world where disabilities are more understood than ever before.. perhaps we can begin to understand that there IS a reason for this rise of what looks terribly like that movie ‘Idiocracy‘. And the reason may be something as simple as the water most Americans drink. Especially those in what are termed ‘low socioeconomic areas’.

The clues are there for anyone who wants to join the dots.

leadWasn’t the terrible disaster in Flint, a ‘lower socioeconomic area? Didn’t it happen because there was no money in the coffers for an adequate and functional water supply system?
Lead took a terrible toll on Flint residents when city fathers took the easy way out.

And now we learn that at least 200 American cities have water supplies exceeding safe levels of lead.

Lead.. a proven brain affecting heavy metal.
Of course, if you think this doesn’t relate to you AND you are backing Mr Trump, well.. how does one tell another person that they can’t think straight because they can’t think straight because they have drunk the wrong water all of their life?

I am not even going to try.

But here’s the really funny thing. If Donald trump gets to take up residence in the White House, guess what he’ll be drinking?

“In 2013, The Washington Post reported that the city’s water contamination problem had returned, noting that the unborn were being hit particularly hard:
Late-term miscarriages and spontaneous abortions occurred at an unusually high rate among Washington women from 2000 through 2003 — during the same time frame that lead levels were dangerously high in the city’s drinking water, a study has found.

The study findings, which are scheduled to be published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, do not prove that the city’s lead crisis caused fetal deaths or miscarriages. But the results show a significant correlation between the two events.”

 Yep, he’ll be drinking the water that made him President.

If this does ring a bell for you, here’s a 2 minute quiz that may help you see whether you have lead poisoning. Remember, lead in water is a relatively low concentration. Instead of overnight symptoms, the change for the worse will creep up on you, so you won’t even realise you’ve changed.

I should add that lead poisoning isn’t restricted to America’s ailing water reticulation system. All countries have the same problem where the ‘normal’ water piping was lead, then of course, in the home, we had copper, with heavy metals in the brazing used to join them. And don’t expect President Trump – or Clinton -to fix it. It’s a multi trillion dollar problem. Have a look at this good summary from Fortune magazine.

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