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Constipation? Acne? Obesity? Listless? Cholesterol? Joint Pain? Blood Pressure? The One Thing you can do today to help.

When you have a newly emerging health challenge, where do you look for answers? Diet? Stress? Toxic  living?

How many people blame dehydration?

 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

If you suffer from at least one of the following symptoms, perhaps drinking more water may alleviate it. Yes, I know… we don’t do it. We (apparently) naturally blame everything but the simple idea that we are internally dried up.  So let’s see wht sort of symptoms may indicate simple dehydration!

1. Constipation
The colon requires a lot of water to eliminate waste properly. Without it, waste moves through the large intestine slowly or not at all. Few of us realise that there is a hierarchy of needs that affect constipation. An effect of poor gut health is leaky gut. When this happens, we have bacteria, fermented matter and acidic food waste leaking into ur abdominal cavity, wreaking havoc. The body knows what to do about this problem. It ‘washes’ the gut. But if it hasn’t got enough water to wash it effectively it doesn’t give up. It looks for water wherever it is in the body. And guess where it finds it? Yes. In the faeces. It sucks water from the faeces because its need for water is higher than the need for loose stools.

2. Obesity
It’s no secret that water can aid in weight loss, and not getting enough water will cause your body to pack on the pounds. We came across a recent study of hydrogen rich water where two groups of obese men changed nothing except the type of water they drank. Yes, the H2 water men lost weight.

3. Listlessness
When we don’t get enough water, the enzymatic activity in the body slows down, resulting in fatigue. EVERYTHING works better with water!

4. High Cholesterol
The body produces more cholesterol to prevent water loss from the cells when we are dehydrated. Weird!

5. Acne
Dry skin is one of the first signs of dehydration. We get so many reports of people on our water being told by friends that they ‘look juicier’.We can attribute premature wrinkles, psoriasis, dermatitis and discoloration to dehydration because it makes the skin more susceptible to these issues. You are no longer capable of properly eliminating toxins through the pores.

6. Respiratory 
Histamine increases as our hydration levels decrease, and airways are restricted in order to conserve water.

7. Bladder & Kidney 
Toxins build up when we don’t have an adequate intake of water, and may lead to infection, inflammation and pain in our bladder and kidneys. We wash everything we eat off every day, then we allow an ‘unwashed’ environment into which we load our cleanly served food. Nuts!

8. Blood Pressure
when we are dehydrated blood thickens and leads to increased blood pressure.

9. Premature Aging
Chronic dehydration can weaken all of our organs including our skin. Staying hydrated ‘juices up’ up the skin cells and helps us to appear more youthful.

10. Digestive Issues
Lack of water and alkaline minerals can wreak havoc on our digestive systems, resulting in ulcers, gastritis and acid reflux.

11. Joint Pain or Stiffness
Joint pain and stiffness may be a result of a lack of water,. Water is used to cushion joints and help them move properly.

Ok.. So much water should you be drinking?
There are so many recommendations, but rather like the ‘old’ alkaline diet, much of the recommendations are empirical in nature. i.e. they are merely copies of another website which is a copy of another website…

Our recommendation changes as we learn and confirm more. But here’s what we say.
Take it easy, but increase your water (not water in beverages, WATER!) You’ll pee more as your body readjusts its OS to the new input, and that will take time to rebalance itself. But slowly increase. I like 3 litres a day. Other people, two. Some say up to eight, but I am assuming they have a fully kitted out toilet so they can read books or watch TV! They’re going to spend a lot of their day in it. After all, that’s EIGHT kilos of water that has to end up somewhere!

How much do we lose daily?
3 litres through breathing, sweating, urinating and defecating. It’s pretty ‘Duh-Oh!’ that consuming less than what you are losing must lead to at least one of the above problems.

Equally obviously, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, exercising strenuously or living in a hot climate you should aim to drink even more than the minimum.

Clean water
I’m not going into a big sales speech here, but another ‘Duh-Oh moment is the simple truth that if water’s purpose it to continually fulfil your need to detox, then drinking toxic water is dumb.

Super Water
Some water ionizer vendors claim that their water hydrates more effectively, quoting but not linking to Japanese scientific studies. We believed it ourselves for a long, long time. Today we believe that alkaline water is definitely better than mineral-poor water. But that really has little to do with electronic water ionizers that only ever give you the alkaline minerals already in the tap water you have in your home. We looked at a metastudy of over 100 separate studies to come to this conclusion.
Vendors also say a water ionizer makes alkaline minerals more bioavailable through microclustering. There is no basis for these claims.

What we can say is that by infusing H2 into purified water, all sorts of health effects may be possible, but this blog isn’t the place to make these claims. if you search on molecular hydrogen institute you’ll be able to research this claim for yourself.