Obesity group binned after Coca-Cola bias fiasco

Food Navigator has today reported that the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) “formed to combat obesity”, and aiming to be the ‘obesity go to’ group for the media, has been ‘binned’.

It’s been forced to return its funding to Coca-Cola “amid allegations of industry-biased science”.

Known primarily for “promoting the idea that lack of exercise, not bad diet, was primarily responsible for the obesity epidemic”, and “downplaying the role of junk food in obesity”, the group was not transparent about its link with the soft drinks giant, and failed to disclose a $1 million donation. Michael Jacobson, president of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest accused the group of peddling “scientific nonsense”, while highlighting a recent US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report, which provides “‘compelling evidence’ for the causal link between sugary drinks and disease, as well as for the need for exercise”.

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