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Coffee Pods. Do you – or anyone – need them?

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

I’m a confessed coffee freak. I live VERY cleanly: low to no sugar, lots of alkalizing greens, only grass-finished meats.. and I’m seriously healthy. But yes, after residing in Italy for 6 months I became an addict. I love coffee.l I love the ritual, I love the high.. and I know it’s not healthy but I trust and hope its negative effects are ameliorated by my good works at the dinner table.

But one thing I actually detest is the new Keurig coffee pod. It’s unnecessary and a sacrifice of all I hold dear about coffee in the name of that great American slogan that all marketers have found affects us. What is it?

“We make it easy for you!”

So when I learned that the little pods the new system uses enviro effect.. well. I need a good cup of Joe.


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