Coco Oil: Yesss!

untold-truth-about-virgin-coconut-oil_smWe love to get emails like this.. pity our Untold Truth Book about Coconut Oil is out of print, but it’s still available as a download.

Dear Ian and Cassandra,
Regarding coconut ail, I have been using it for about 3 wks and fine my memory is improving, (dont have to search for words in conversation). I came aross the booklet “The Untold Truth about Virgin Coconut Oil” when I was travelling and would like to know if it is still available ? I have friends to whom I would like to give it. One of these friends is suffering from depression, after having a bowel cancer op. 2yrs ago, perhaps it would help! Drugs are’nt helping.
Regards Loraine”

..and of course the reason Loraine emailed us was our Youtube video, now approaching 220,000 visitors!

PS: When I shared that we had 220,000 hits, my son Neil suggested that it was the same guy who kept forgetting he had watched it. Ha Ha!

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