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Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration: A New Comprehensive report on Molecular hydrogen

Feel free to Download this new Molecular hydrogen scientific report.

It’s an overall summary of how molecular hydrogen rich water is helping humans and animals. If you’ve been wondering if molecular hydrogen was ‘just another wonder supplement’, here today and gone tomorrow, it’s well worth a read.

Download here.


And if you haven’t get seen the video of molecular hydrogen Foundation Founder, Tyler Lebaron talking up a storm about it, check it here.


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Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Tyler Lebaron IS Molecular Hydrogen. It must be six years before I ‘discovered’ him. He was on a facebook group talking about electric water ionizers and the fact that alkalinity wasn’t what gave us the benefit of the water they produced. He was facing serious opposition from people invested in the idea they had been sold on by their upline MLM-er.