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Chiropractor tells all about 7.2 Recovery

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

We keep talking about molecular hydrogen and hydrogen rich water

And yet.. I think many people don’t really hear it… and who can blame them?

We are all swamped in a  daily tidal wave of selling that we call the internet! So when something comes up that is the real deal, the ‘ridgy didge’ as we say in Australia, there’s a huge chance that it will be lost in this massive sea of competing advertisers.

We are working hard on changing that, including creating a whole quiz-based education course on H2, combining the talents of Erica Whisson, our inhouse naturopath and Tyler LeBaron, our consultant biochemist. We want people to know about it and really understand what it means to them.

Imagine for a minute if penicillin had to compete with a million rival messages and was lost in cyberspace? That’s how we feel about molecular hydrogen’s importance.

When I first contacted Brandon Couchman of Elevation Chiropractic he was mad keen and received his samples some months ago, but then got sidetracked with ‘business as usual’. So it was very kool to receive his email this morning:

Ian ,
I am testing Hydro FX on some patients right now and having amazing results! One was a Car accident Patient and another is severe spasm that an Emergency room visit didn’t have any effect on!  I need to see how to get some more shipped as well as your hydrogen ion water.”

Dr. Brandon Couchman
Elevation Chiropractic
A Maximized Living Health Center
10451 Garverdale Ct. 
Boise, ID 83704
So, Doc Brandon is obviously a very qualified guy. Elevation Chiropractic is one of Idaho’s largest health and wellness clinics. He sits on the Wellness Advisory Council for 6 of the U.S. Olympic Teams as well as the Wellness Advisory Council for the Billion Soul Initiative, a worldwide organization of more than 200,000 churches. Dr. Couchman was also the sports performance physician for the 2011 and 2012 World Games of CrossFit, treating athletes from all over the Globe.. . So if he doesn’t ‘get my message’ immediately, how do others do?
Well.. perhaps in some cases it’s a matter of how much suffering they are willing to endure.

Morthern Spears is an old friend. many of you will know for from using her exquisite Gratitude Diary. She had a quite amazing recovery from CFS some ten years ago and credits much of the effect to our hydrogen rich water. When we dropped in to see her on Sunday, however, she presented quite a sight.

Her face was completely inflamed and swollen, her eyes were slits, and her neck was a weeping rash.

She had been taking a herbal mix recommended by her local doctor for candida overgrowth and boy, what an allergic reaction! “I was much worse yesterday.” she said.

Now here’s the strange thing. We had given her some HydroFX molecular hydrogen tablets a couple of months ago and… well.. she had taken a couple, had no observable effect, and took no more. We looked at her and both Cassie and I said in one voice: ‘HydroFX!”.

“Oh..Er.. yes, well, I haven’t been taking them. I have them here somewhere.”

Molecular hydrogenWe sat with her for about an hour after we told her to take 3 tablets of SevenPoint 2 Recoivery HydroFX. In that hour her eyes opened again, and the old bouncy Morthern began to come out of the very sick shell she’d been caught in. In one hour.

I texted her this morning but no reply:  it appears she’s back to work.

Or… off to have a ‘serious talk’ with the doctor that recommended the herbals to her!
My Conclusion?
Whatever we have done in the past, it hasn’t got the message through to people. We are totally convinced by the burgeoning scientific studies of molecular hydrogen. We have seen – and heard – amazing stories. So anyone have any ideas about a better way to talk to people so they HEAR?
If you are ready to try HydroFX, go here to our website, or here if you are in the US and order some recovery hydroFX. if you want to be a part of the Hydrogen revolution we are committed to, let’s talk. We need you.


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