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Captain John tells us about his 7.2 red blotch experience.

John B, our man on the ground in the US, sent me this story he received from a customer who tried the SevenPoint2 Recovery hydroFX.

“I took my first tablet on Saturday 23-Aug-14 and have been taking a tablet everyday in the morning.  After just 4 days I notice a marked change in my complexion which is clearing after many years of red blotches on my face.  I will keep you advised on how it improves over the next few weeks.” ~ Capt. John”

Although the science is still in its infancy – there are only 400+ studies on the effects of molecular hydrogen – the Japanese are well ahead with the use of H2 in skin care products. but the surprise in this case is that he experienced this from taking a  tablet.

Here’s the link to the Australian page
Here’s the link to our US Page


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