Baz the cat votes with her tongue for alkaline water. Pic at bottom of article

Wonderful. For years I’ve been thinking ‘dogs alkaline, cats acid’ meaning that although dogs like our water, cat5s don’t. Well, Dave Bryant, our happy UltraStream customer, sent this pic to prove me wrong. Dave wrote:

“Our cat (see pic attached) is quite old and isn’t well. Though she would appear quite old and weak, she insists on jumping from the floor to the couch, to the bench, over the gas cook top, across the table, to the overflow water tub situated under our Alkalizer.  She (Bazz) will not drink from the dogs bowl or her own water bowl, instead she will go to great lengths to drink Alkalized Water. 

Maybe there is more to this Water than has been tested, and maybe Bazz can sense there is goodness, even for a Cat! 

Thought you would like the good news!”

Ian: Thank you Dave! You’re a belief buster!

cat alkalizer


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