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Are You a Live To Eat OR a Eat to Live Kind of Person?


Looking For A Different Passion Other Than Food?

I have been a Live to Eat (and drink)  kind of person…

… and changing over to a Eat to Live person has been an interesting… and challenging experience.
I realised I actually needed to find my passion to fill my need for meaning instead of using food for that purpose. No more thinking constantly of what treat to make or to buy or looking in the fridge constantly to see if something have magically appeared that takes my fancy as a way of filling in the space inside.

I think the journey towards my passion is an ongoing odyssey.  It changes and grows as I change and grow and getting healthy and sharing everything I have learnt with anyone who will listen (hence this blog)  is a  big part of my passion.

The more I am on the Alkaline Paleo Diet the more I feel the world is opening up for me.  Some of this is to do with increased energy and brain power but also I feel my 5 senses are working much much better.
I enjoy what I eat more, I appreciate my surroundings more and sex has become  much more  enjoyable.   Orgasms has become a thing of wonder and I don’t remember ever having this kind of experience before even when I was younger.   I think this is pretty good for a peri-menopausal women of 52!  One reason, I’m pretty sure, is that my hormonal system is now much healthier probably healthier than it’s ever been.  Getting those necessary fats has allowed my body to balance my progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone ratios, my sex hormones.
Going Out to a Cafe, Restaurant or Drink at the Pub
Going out has mostly been about having a meal,  a coffee or an alcoholic drink or at least always has been a big part of the outing.

It’s certainly not impossible to go out for a meal as long as I pick the right restaurant and order only the meat and above ground vegetables.  Unfortunately it’s always the better restaurants (more expensive) that will have better quality foods and oils and be more accommodating for my needs.  Forget eating at takeaways or fat food places, they just don’t have anything to offer.

When I eat out I try make sure I get enough good fat in my meal, as there isn’t  the usual potato or pasta as a filler. This will make sure I am  full and so won’t be tempted to order a dessert.  I will ask  for some extra virgin olive oil or I will bring some butter, ghee or coconut oil to put on my meal myself.

I will drink mostly mineral water with a little lemon juice squeezed into it. This drink is amazingly satisfying.  The other really good drink to have, when I can get it,  is a pot of green tea.

Going out for a coffee can be more problematic.   As long as I have a small long black very occasionally I don’t see it as a problem, otherwise a long black decaf.  But coffee is very strong and some people are definitely better off without it.  And the pub?  I really don’t find this is easy at all but as recovering alcoholics can do it well, it must be possible.
Would you be interested to discover how food can either rule our lives or how we can be the captain of our our bodies?  
Looking at, and finding the answers to this question is my passion!
Despite access to so much historical information our leaders keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  Why do they do this?
I think the way we have been eating has caused so much problems on a chemical level within our bodies and brains that we haven’t been able to evolve much as a species.  We certainly keep making the same mistakes again and again and never seem to learn anything from our history.  What’s the use of history unless we see the mistakes and stop repeating them?
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