Six years ago Cassie and I posted  a story on Youtube about my frightening experience of early onset Alzheimers disease.


cassyian440,457  views later, it’s time for me to check in.
Now.. what was my name again?


I can see that physically I have changed in that time, especially in the hair department, but thankfully, my mind is still relatively sharp. I DO NOT have Alzheimers.

I am enjoying my life to the max.. probably to some degree because I’ve ‘returned from the brink!

Let’s do this step by step.

As you’d know, my return from the brink came about in about a week after I began having 5-6 tablespoons of organic coconut oil a day. My mind ‘snapped’ back into its old state.

Of course, I kept on the coco oil. I experimented with stopping it and within as little as 2 days the ‘word blanks’ and the coordination problems returned. So, of course, I kept going.
I hated the taste, so I’d make up a  smoothie of blueberries, yoghurt and coco oil.

As you’ve also seen on the video, Cassie is quite an amazing researcher. I believe Google was invented for HER and I use her as an example to anyone with a health problem. Google it!

Anyway, Cassie soon learned that the active component in the coco oil is medium chain triglycerides. We bought some MCT oil and I began using it. It worked.. but for me, the coco oil lasted longer. There was a faster drop-off with the MCT oil.

She was also researching diet. She’s been doing this for years and has her own blog here with her findings about the alkaline diet. Basically, she realised that the alkaline diet we’d been on for over  a decade was er.. simplistic. You can’t just ‘classify’ foods based on their ability to create an acid or alkaline response in the body. So much more is going on.

I was also diagnosed with severe osteoporosis – after all that time on a diet supposed to protect me from that. (There’s another big story here) She realised what the MCT was doing. It was feeding the brain with what it wanted rather than what it gets when we are ona  carb/bread/sugar based diet. On this form of diet our body takes the easy way out. With an abundance of glucose it decides to feed on it – probably because it’s a form of ‘mainlining’ rather than its ancestral form of energy conversion, which is converting stored fat to ketones and then using the ketones for energy.
We made a big decision; to drop sugar, and drop all the carbs we could find in our diet. We replaced them with grassfed beef fat and from-the-farm-door dairy. Both high in the reviled saturated fat, and Vitamin K2. Dropping the carbs and sugar was hard; they are serious addictions, likened by Dr William Davis in his best seller Wheat Belly to cocaine in addictive quality. But when I did, and tested myself using a ketone meter to prove my body had indeed switched on ketogenesis, I discovered that I didn’t need the coco smoothie.

Now – that doesn’t mean I gave it up completely. We use it to cook with still at the rate of about 6-7 tablespoons a day between us. But the new diet, and its absence of carbs and sugar seemed to be the deciding factor in this new shift for the better. I’m not a scientist so take what you read as you like, but I did see a study somewhere that said that a glucose-fed brain oxidised (or contributed to) the amyloid plaque in the brain.

I don’t even understand that, except for the oxidation part, but it sounded right to me.

So I have localised the food that has the worst effect on my mental state, and it still has this effect. It’s carbs.

What else? Well I have been taking Citicoline tablets for the last 3 years. I can’t say they do or don’t work but I can afford them and I can’t afford Alzheimer’s, so I keep taking them.

I also found quite an amazing study only last week that validated something we’d been doing anyway. Although Cassie saw the problems in the Alkaline diet as propounded on the web, we both agreed that dark leafy greens are simply the best food to counterbalance the so-called ‘acid-forming foods like our grassfed red meat. So we have as much of them as we can every day. The study validated our choice because it said that dark leafy greens are a significant protector against dementia and Alzheimer’s. It concluded (Wow!) that if you eat 2 serves a day, your brain will be effectively ELEVEN YEARS YOUNGER!

Just a comment on the grassfed beef.
Before dropping carbs and sugar I was known in our family as ‘The Hungry Ghost”. I’d almost vacuum up any leftovers from any plate on the table and bigger was always better. It wasn’t that I needed the food. It was the addiction. I now unAmy_photoderstand more clearly the challenge people face in dieting if they don’t give up sugar and bread. I also found that while my appreciation of my food doubled, my re meat uptake reduced greatly. Smaller serves, of course, are significant in the alkalizing sense because as Dr. Amy Lanou says in her book, Building Bone Vitality, any meat the body can’t immediately use will be turned to amino acids and stashed in fat.

Finally – and I can’t say this enough – I am extremely lucky! We invented a new form of water alkalizer/filter that did the same as electric ones at a fraction of the cost. On the other side of the world, a young biochemist, founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute was testing the water from his electric water ionizer because he didn’t believe that it was the alkaline minerals in the water that caused the amazing health stories we also experienced. He discovered that it was molecular hydrogen – H2 – that was causing the health benefits. He travelled to Japan and worked with scientists there who have been developing methods of H2 infusion in water for a decade – unbeknown to us here in the west! And he also discovered over FOUR HUNDRED scientific studies – including one on Alzheimer’s! Not only that, we are now beginning to hear actual human stories of the effects of H2.

We sent our invention, the UltraStream, to Tyler LeBaron, the young biochemist in Boise Idaho to test for H2 concentration. He found our unit gave almost FOUR TIMES the H2 as his own electric system he’s paid $4000 for! And he thinks that the higher the concentration of H2, the smallest element on the planet is critical to its therapeutic effect.

Concurrently, we were working with a quite crazy scientist in America who has managed to create a tablet that dissolves in water to concentrate H2 in the water. So naturally, I am pouring my H2-rich water from my UltraStream into a bottle, adding our little H2 tablet, and drinking it down!

I work very hard at work.

It’s all mental stuff, and I am POWERING right now. I do notice if I don’t have my ‘hydrogen bomb’ I can’t operate at such a high level and fatigue earlier. I am 68!
So.. it’s completely up to you how you take this info. I have seen many people comment on our YouTube that our info has helped them or their parents, but I have also been accused of faking the whole thing to sell coconut oil! I’m not medically qualified and so I would recommend that you take my story to your medic who will probably gnash his teeth and ‘set you straight’!

I’d also really like your comments , experiences good and bad as a comment here on this page.

Thank you,

Ian Blair Hamilton


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