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AlkaWay: In the Beginning.. and Now

pH-balanced, antioxidant, super hydrating water isn’t new.

It’s been around for 40 years in Asia and it spread there like wildfire. People experienced the benefits, understood the importance of prevention and it made good, intuitive sense. The machines needed to create the water were stocked on shelves like toasters and LCDs in the US.

Up until now, that is. Until UltraStream.

It’s simpler, it’s smaller and it’s easier to own. It’s intuitive. There is nothing complicated to understand. No multi-thousand dollar price tag. No difficult installations or wasted water. No buttons, meters, audio alarms, electronics, etc. Just a simple, clean design – if we do say so ourselves.

We’re not Multi Level Marketers.. so we price UltraStream reasonably.

  • No ‘clever’ marketing.
  • Just a dedicated team of ordinary people who think business should be at the service of people…not at their expense.

We hope you’ll agree.

If you have questions, thoughts, a difference of opinion, etc…please talk to us. We’ll do our best to respond.

More about us.

About AlkaWay

AlkaWay “the company” came together in 2000, begun by me, Cassie Bond and my partner Ian Blair Hamilton. We’re bianCassie4weboth avid health researchers, so we saw, we understood, and we began.
Helping people to reverse the acid rush of modern life just made sense.. and it made sense for us  to do something positive about it. We began with alkaline drops from the late Sang Whang, author of Reverse Aging, and EmcoTech water ionizers.Our dream was.. and still is.. to make alkalizing accessible to everyone. It’s a sad fact that less fortunate people in our society tend to eat more acidic food – yet those same people couldn’t access the expensive water ionizers on the market over the last decade. We have always tried to find or create ways to help more people.
After all, what else is worth doing?
Around 2 years ago we came across a product from China that demonstrated the ability to filter water and ionize it. It took a year of work to refine it, with the help of some great friends around the world, but with improved filtration and design, it became the first mainstream ‘natural’ water ionizer to really make waves internationally. In the last year we’ve worked on its US-manufactured successor, making many design and media changes to upgrade performance, utility, and looks. The UltraStreamis the result.

We’re still supplying the whole line of products including our electronic water ionizers, our drops, pH salts, alkasachets, green foods, portable ionizer/filters and more, but we are very, very excited about the UltraStream. It is going to fulfil our dream of bringing alkalizing to anyone who wants it.

So began AlkaWay.

  • Healthy water: simple to understand, quick to install, easy to drink and much more affordable.
  • A business at the service of others… not at their expense.
  • We hope we serve you well.

 Important Facts 

We own our own premises here in Byron Bay (well, with a little help from our bank). Now it’s solar powered, with a new R&R area for our staff. 

We believe in debt-free business. A product sold with the possibility of the company that sold it suddenly disappearing isn’t our idea of ethical business. We have expanded our business using our own capital. Sure, it’s slower, but we’ve seen companies disappear though nothing more than debt load, and that’s not in line with our vision.

We believe in doing the right thing by our employees.  We don’t see them as employees but as co-creators of our shared vision. Maybe that’s why they stay with us. Go Team!

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