AlkalIzing Story: Sam Martone’s story

female-runner“I want to share this with everyone, and especially those who are dear to my heart. Over the past few years, I think all the weight everyone was losing, I was finding! I was unmotivated and just wasn’t feeling my best all of the time. I had been taking a wonderful line of nutritional supplements, that I still love, by the way. Not only was I feeling my age, my mirror told me that I was looking it, too!

I want to tell you the benefits of becoming “alkaline”. Before I started taking 7.2, my pH was around 5, very acidic. I have not been sick at all, but generally was not feeling great.

Within 1 short week of taking SevenPoint2 exclusively, I feel better than I have in years, and that actually started the day I started taking 7.2’s phenomenal products.

I have lost 2 sizes, and many inches. I have more energy and less appetite. I am sleeping incredibly, waking up rested and energized. The lines on my face have started to soften. I’m no longer wiped out in the afternoon and I find myself staying up later and getting up earlier. I get up several times per night to let dogs or cats in or out, and can go right back to sleep. Some nights my back would hurt so bad I could barely turn over. When I woke up, many mornings my feet felt like I was walking on needles. I had not been diagnosed, but believed that I had plantar fasciitis. All of those symptoms have disappeared.

Just so you know, SevenPoint2 is not a ‘weight loss product”. However, by becoming ALKALINE, you may help resist any disease or illness that may want to take over your body.

Here’s more great news! When you become ALKALINE, weight loss is just another benefit!! That stubborn fat just seems to melt away!”

Ian: we are as my readers know, absolutely committed to spreading the word of the benefits of alkalizing and molecular hydrogen, Sam’s story is one of MANY.

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