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Alkaline Water and Stomach acid

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

For as long as I have been working with alkaline water there has been a debate over its effect on stomach acid. Sang Whang’s theory seems to be the strongest unproven theory; that high pH water actually stimulates the stomach to produce more acid, thus keeping the vascular supply system in good working order. This from biochemist and alkaline water researcher Tyler Lebaron adds more fuel to the fire, as well as answering a common question: “Why can i drink this water and not experience bloating like I do with tap water?’

 “Gastric emptying (water going from stomach to intestines) is partly a function of pH. Because the water has a high pH it speeds up gastric emptying and thus many people do not experience bloating or sloshing of water and are able to drink a significant amount at one time”.

Tyler’s Facebook page is called Hydrogen Water and is an essential read for poeple seriously researching alkaline philosophy.


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