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My Alkaline Lunch

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Here’s yesterday’s lunch. Like to hazard a guess about how ‘alkaline’ it is? (Hint: it’s in the detail!)

 The Alkaline Diet is a bit of a problem when you get right down to trying it out.

All foods have different acid and alkaline mineral content, but the charts most websites offer don’t take into account that many so-called alkaline foods also have large amounts of acid-forming minerals or substances. A babana is a perfect example. Although high in potassium, it’s also loaded with fructose, a highly acidifying form of fruit sugar.

We’ve been helping people over come this difficulty for years now. First step was to find a good source of alkalien food lists. The only one we found was Dr Susan E Brown’s Acid Alkaline Food Guide, because she has based her easy-to-use lists on the work of Dr Russell Jaffe, who spent countless hours measuring the acid/alkaline balance of foods, but also ‘calibrating’ his findings based not just on pH but also on the biological effect of the particular acid or alkali.

We designed our Alkaline Food Chart based on their work.

So if you look at my lunch yesterday, (that I absolutely enjoyed, by the way), it may not look particularly alkaline balancing.

Let’s take a closer look!

1. Cos lettuce picked straight from our garden: Medium alkalizer
2. Wild caught Salmon: Medium acidic
3. Kalamata Olives: Medium acid-forming. If I’d chosen green olives, they would have been medium alkaline forming.
4. Tiny Tom tomatoes from the garden: Low acid forming.
5. Cucumber from the Farmers’ Market: Low alkaline forming ability
6. Fresh Snow peas: Low alkaline forming ability
7. Cassie’s home made Mayo: Low acid forming.
8. Dill Pickles: Medium alkaline forming

Now… looking at this, the simple way would be to say that I consumed a total of 4 alkaline forming foods, and three acid forming foods. But.. what about how MUCH I ate? And what about whether I am deficient in the minerals that are being replenished. We Aussies, for instance, are almost all deficient in Magnesium. So what looks simple isn’t simple at all. But there’s something else on my plate. Did you notice? Fresh Lime, straight from our own tree! Highly alkaline forming! So my quarter lime could have easily tipped the balance to alkalizing. We use either lime or lemon with almost every main meal. I have even trained my palate to use the squeezed lime as a mouth refresher after my meal. Wow! It’s amazing!

Summarizing, my alkaline forming ‘secret strategies’ make it easier for me to avoid this balancing act. here they are; the result of 15 years of deep and meaningful alkalizing. I just use lime and lemon any time I can, as often as I can, and I also consume leafy greens as often as I can.


With Cassie’s support, and because I found I had severe osteoporosis, I’ve also eliminated the BIG acidifiers, sugar grains and bread, which also happen to be seriously addictive. Once my addiction eased up i found I was also eating far less, including meat. As an addict I would eat anything in front of me. Anytime. Anywhere. A walking vacuum cleaner. Now meat doesn’t ever become the big acidifier it can when you consume too much. Dr Susan Brown points out in her Guide that excess meat converts directly to acid and is stored in our fat!

Raw? Vegetarian?

I have watched some alkaline diet advocated who have somehow ‘arranged’ the alkaline science to suit their own diet preferences – usually raw or vegetarian. however a diet high in fresh fructose-laden fruit, especially juices, is an acid time bomb. Ask me – I was a vegetarian for 14 years and I directly attribute my osteoporosis to the diet. They are slowly coming around, leading em to wonder if they ever really examined thew science in detail.

A Non-Radical Approach

|So an alkaline diet doesn’t have to be radical. You can also supplement your food with alkaline electrolytes, or alkaline green powder which easily takes you up to the recommended 6 serves of green vegetables a day without the bulk. Cassie eventually gave our diet a name; The Alkaline Paleo diet, and although she doesn’t post much on her blog today, the info there is still excellent and still helping a lot of people.

Water Support

Of course, I support it with alkaline ionized water from our mighty UltraStream, but although it’s a great alkaline water producer, its great benefit is its ability to supply me with a constant supply of molecular hydrogen, which in turn (may) assist me with issues such as free radicals, inflammation and allergies. (and perhaps a huge amount more, according to the 400+ studies!) I sincerely believe that any diet without good hydration is like having a good car with bad oil. Dumb… and dumber!

Check Dr Jaffe’s page and chart here.


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