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The Alkaline Diet: a real inspiration!

Cassie was cleaning up her computer this morning after retrieving it from the clutches of a virus which played havoc with her browser. She found a post she had written for her Alkaline Paleo Diet blog which she had written over a year ago but had never actually added to her blog.

It really inspired me! There are times when it seems the world conspires to cause you trouble. I’m sure you can relate to that, and yesterday was one. It’s always the same: my busy frantic mind thinks that the way to happiness and peace is to work harder, think harder and try harder. Now.. although her post isn’t exactly about that, it still inspired me right out of that mindset and reaffirmed the reason I go to the AlkaWay ofice every day.

This is a small excerpt.

“I believe the whole subject of my decision for my dietary choice is in the end about my own self-empowerment.

Can I decide for myself what I need to eat for my bodies health?  Or am I at the mercy of my cravings or someone else’s food cult?  Because whenever I decide that someone else is going to fix me I have given my power away. And when I give my power away to someone else’s ideas I know now that I will be assured of the limited consequences of this choice.  This choice will lead me to finally ignoring my body and its needs because I tried all those things that someone else told me to do and they didn’t work so I gave up.”

Here’s the full version of what she wrote.

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