AALP 005 Nutrition – Janella Purcell on nutrition, food, actions, deeds and thoughts

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JAnella Purcell

Janella Purcell is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Environmentalist, Wholefood Chef and Author. The conversation with Janella is refreshing, nourishing and educational from one who has experienced all aspects of nutrition from her lifelong practise.


Topics discussed today


  1. A nutritionists 1st. Food as medicine.

  2. alkaline water as the easiest way to balance your body, detox, and move away from an environment that disease thrives in.

  3. Health turnarounds from a holistic approach to nutrition.

  4. Janella’s defining moment. Digestion.

  5. Chinese medicine. Spiritual nourishment. Dumping ALL your garbage.

  6. “Even the most healthy, natural foods can make you sick simply because you are not eating them correctly. Many may disagree with me, but after a lifetime of study and practice there are few things I am more sure of.”

  7. Digestive issues, gluten, lactose intolerance and GMO.

  8. SLOW (seasonal, local, organic and whole).

  9. Making the change to “living.”

  10. Nutritional myths? Low fat diets. Hardcore detoxing. Rules.

  11. Know what’s right for you. Experiment. See what fits for you.

  12. It’s what we do most of the time that counts: actions, deeds and thoughts.

  13. The one thing people need to hear? Enjoy your life. Lighten-up and bring more joy into it.


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