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Are you getting bad carb cravings at night?

Ian Hamlton

Ian Hamlton

AlkaWay Founder

Hi Cassie!

I just found your blog and I love what I am reading. I have a long history of estrogen imbalance (PMDD)- severe menstruation disturbance 2-3 weeks out of the month; symptoms: cramping, mood swings, depression, my GYN wanted me to go on the BC pill because my personal relationships are disturbed severely- unable to keep commitments because I do not want to leave the house, fights with husband I know I am unreasonable.

It is like clock work- I am fine the rest of the month – 1-2 days during ovulation and 1 week prior to menstruation I am a mess. I have found the paleo diet to make sense to me but have yet to commit fully because I come form a vegetarian background.

I also have a chronic carb craving at night which I give into regularly when eating high protein/fat low carb during the day. I eat and have always A LOT of veggies like average 4-5 cups a day and drink water 2-3 liters a day- to keep me regular. I dont know if you have the answers but I thought I would try- thanks for the info.

Hi Ann,

Carb cravings can come from bad bacteria in your gut, they say ‘feed me’ and we obediently do, such little critters have such a hold!

Bad gut bacteria plus the high blood glucose really do cause abnormal hormonal swings and roundabouts.

The first way to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of eating carbs at night is to eat plenty of fats along with your proteins especially for dinner as this is really important to provide satiety so you won’t be hungry.

The second thing to do is to  (but only if you can tolerate them and please soak them first!)  eat unroasted nuts at night when you get the carb cravings. Almonds are the best as they are alkaline and a good nut.  Chew them really well.  You won’t need to once you are fully on this program as the cravings will disappear.

You need to kick the carb habit and doing these two things should help but really until you commit to this program you will keep getting the carb cravings.

If you aren’t used to eating meat and have problems with digestion then please make sure you start taking betaine hydrochloride until your digestion starts to work properly again.

Premenstrual tension is so much more common and worse in non meat eaters especially vegans.

This program really works so good luck and don’t hesitate to ask anything you might need to know!

Thank you so much! Can I have the link to the program? 

This is really helpful and I will start today with the suggestions. What about a probiotic? Do you recommend these?


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