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A New Take on Immunity?

A New Take on Immunity?

There’s more to immunity than exposure to contagious viruses like COVID.

World Health Organisation says ingesting plastic microparticles is OK. We don’t.

In this May 23, 2019, file photo, Southern Connecticut State University professor Vincent Breslin holds a sample of water that contains possible microplastics at the North Haven Water Treatment Plant on Universal Drive. The World Health Organization says the levels of microplastics in drinking water don’t appear to be risky, but that more research is needed […]

Molecular Hydrogen Tablets: The Story of How They Came About.

By Alex Tarnava, Managing Director, DRINKHRW and inventor of our Ultra I LOVE H2 Tablets With comments from Ian Blair Hamilton, Founder, AlkaWay “How did you get into this field?” or “How did you manage to invent the open cup tablets?” I get asked this by customers, in interviews, and even by random people I meet. The background is longer than […]

Give Your Poor Old Brain a Chance! The Role of Acidity.

Researchers in Umeå, Sweden, are explaining why our memory deteriorates as the body ages. As we age, our brain receives an increased load from the heart’s beating as the body’s large arteries stiffen over the years, causing damage to the smallest blood vessels in the brain. It’s like a hose nozzle. Tighten it and the […]

Our Story: Alzheimers

Our Story: Alzheimers

It’s over 9 years since my panic about Alzheimer’s and I can happily report I’m as sharp as a tack!

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