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FIVE Fruits or Vegetables you really can do without

You won’t hear this in mainstream media. They seem to downplay the importance of eating organic, even though more and more people switch it rather than persisting with “conventional” food often laced with synthetic pesticides. Many people are familiar with the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen from the Environmental Working Group. It’s a list that highlights the […]

Oxygen Therapy: A Sleeping Giant?

We’ve been so busy getting righteously excited about the many health benefits of molecular hydrogen that we have neglected what many people tell us is a  ‘sleeping giant’ in our product lineup. But before I talk about it I’ll share some observations I’ve been having on oxygen in the last few weeks. Let’s say you […]

The Psychology of Eating

This morning Kerrie Cox came to visit. She has just completed her ‘Psychology of Eating‘ Certificate program, and her ideas on diets really ‘click’ with what we feel about diets as well. It’s our long-term observation – often angrily denied – that underneath the symptoms of many, many health conditions there lies a decision we […]

AlkaWay Whole House Filtration

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