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By Ian Hamilton

Meet another AlkaWay Team Member

John Beithan is our US operations manager. He’s been with us long enough now to become one of the team, even though we only meet on Skype. The last time we had ‘quality time’ together

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Brian Eating Amoebas strike again.

This time it’s not Australia, where one-year-old Cash died in April this year from what’s being called a “brain-eating parasite” that was thriving in the water at Jodi and Laine Keough’s cattle station, near Townsville,

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The Importance of Minerals in our water.

Reverse Osmosis water killing people? Yes. There’s a whole industry profiting from our concept of ‘pure’ water. And yet, we’ve never had ‘pure water’ in our whole history except, perhaps when we opened our mouths in

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Toxic Blue Green Algae

“A State of Emergency” — Toxic Algal Blooms in Florida and Around the Globe Choke Waterways Waterways in Florida — and in many parts of the world — are under siege from toxic algae blooms that are

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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

There was simply nothing that could make this day any better.After running, jumping, shouting, playing games.. I was tired and thirsty. We all descended on the snack table to refuel. And that’s when I saw it. The sweet, bubbly, carbonated drink that I had only ever dreamed of tasting.