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Alkaline Water: The facts, nothing but the facts.

How long has it been since I first heard a doctor telling people we need no help in alkaline balance – that’s it ‘just happens naturally’? It began  almost 15 years ago as I remember – and continues today. So.. I’m just a basic human. No degree. No white coat and stethoscope… but… Please explain […]

Have you Met Leon? He’s our resident Alkaline and H2 Specialist here in Australia

  We asked Leon to tell us why he likes working here. “In answering that question, the first realisation is that I am in the “perfect” place for my skills, experience, intellect and personality. I get to work with a small team of “dynamic” and slightly eccentric bunch of people. We share many laughs as […]

Dominic’s Lashing of Lemon Drink: a Super Alkalizer.

Dominic Spiers runs our Alkaline Diet discussion Group on Facebook. Here’s his latest alkaline diet concoction; a might alkalizer for people without their own water ionizer. Juice of 4 lemons. then top up with water (1 part water to 1 part juice)….then add a tsp of bicarb and it will fizz. It tastes a bit […]

Can Mindfulness change our glucose levels? Yep.

Mindfulness is the inherent trait of being aware of one’s present thoughts and feelings. In a new study of 399 people that measured health indicators including mindfulness and blood glucose, researchers found that those with higher scores for mindfulness were significantly more likely than people with low scores to have healthy glucose levels. The results […]

Is a Paper Water Bottle Better? Even if Will Smith is selling it?

Will Smith, one of our fave Hollywood identities since ‘The Fresh Price of Belair’ has put his backing into a new biodegradable water bottle. The website shows all the usual sweetness and light natural images… and yes, we applaud any effort to reduce the plastic avalanche of the ubiquitious water bottle. But… Is it really […]

Want to spend YEARS under your shower?

What we define as ‘clean‘ may not be so great for our bodies. We can.. if we choose, rethink our approach to personal hygiene. Shower for 20 minutes every day and live to be 100, and you’ll spend 12,167 hours of your life washing yourself. That’s a long, long time to run a tap. Expensive, too. […]

Your HealtheMail Blog post list

Lots happening these days behind the scenes.. with at least 5 websites to manage we’ve had to work out a way to post on them all at once. It’s almost happening, with our US website becoming the one that ‘spawns’ all the other blogs. Pharmaceuticals in our waterways. Here Thyroid Health: Six factors. Here Colon […]

Pharmaceuticals In Our Streams Come From Multiple Sources

“Metformin and Other Pharmaceuticals Widespread in Wadeable Streams of the Southeastern United States“ Environmental Science & Technology Letters Pharmaceuticals in surface water of lakes and streams are a real concern. They are capable of causing developmental and other health issues in aquatic life. Scientists consider treated wastewater released into the environment as the main source. But now […]

Molecular Hydrogen for Parkinson’s Disease?

We’re neither qualified nor willing to make claims of therapeutic benefits attributed to the therapeutic use of Molecular hydrogen. However we are happy to publish or reference new studies that shed light on H2’s amazing breadth of effect. One that stood out for us was a scientific study on the effect of Molecular hydrogen on […]

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