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The Big Questions about our drinking water.

Thanks to Water Man Neil Sweeney for these disturbing questions we all need to ask.   QUESTIONS THAT MUST AGAIN BE ASKED AND CONSIDERED BY ALL FAMILIES DRINKING TAP WATER *What causes people to drink and cook in Chlorinated/Ammonia treated tap water? *Why is it unsafe to drink chlorinated pool water? *Why do fish die […]

That old Villain Fructose is exposed as the ‘Dark Lord’ of the sugar family.

Fructose linked to gene damage Fructose is a natural sugar commonly found in fruits, corn and plants. So.. it’s ‘natural’, right? Must be Ok, right?  Wrong. Especially now it’s used in many processed and ultra-processed food products and soft drinks as a cheap sweetener, usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. Previous studies have […]

Inflammation: Is it the enemy? Or is it your friend?

In the fitness world, inflammation often gets bad press. It is perceived as an enemy of the body simply because when we are inflamed we’ve usually experienced some form of injuries and chronic pain. It’s certainly true that inflammation can be associated with almost about every major health problem we have in medicine today. So… when people talk of inflammation […]

Alkaline Diet? A Seriously Easy Way to begin your Day.

OK, It’s a war zone ‘down there’. Or at least a ‘postwar zone. Your elimination system has been battling with acid overload all night, and in the early hours of the morning has assembled all that nasty acid in your bladder. That’s why your first ‘pee du jour’ is your most acidic.   It’s obvious […]

What Would You Do?

Biosecurity. What does it mean to you? Germ warfare? Clean air? Clean water? All of these things, obviously relate to our home and personal biosecurity. And a prudent citizen has performed their due diligence in these matters, for the sake of themselves, their family and their livestock. many, many people have seen fit to trust […]

Hydrogen Water: New Video Guide to 11 ways to get it in your home.

Molecular hydrogen can present the usual swathe of claims and counterclaims by vendors of different methods – including us! So in a fit of sympathy, I’ve decided to record a video explaining the 11 ways (so far) to get the amazing benefits of molecular hydrogen in your own home.

Bottled Water Found To Contain Over 24,000 Chemicals, Including Endocrine Disruptors

Things are changing. Widespread consumer demand for plastic products that are free of the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) has precipitated some significant positive changes in the way that food, beverage and water containers are manufactured. That’s the good news. But a new study out of Germany has found that thousands of other potentially harmful chemicals are […]

Parkinson’s Disease and Pesticides: New links discovered

Pulse (Lentil) farmers in Victoria are contracting Parkinson’s Disease at a rate far beyond the rest of the Australian populace. A new study suggests recorded cases of Parkinson’s, based on medication use, are 78% higher than average in Buloke, 76% higher in Horsham, 57% higher in Northern Grampians and 34% higher in Yarriambiack – all […]

Anti Inflammation Diet Update

Our friend Bert Middleton is the Gout Killer and this is a great post. Look when it was written! He’s still relevant today! Anti-Inflammatory Diet Published May 7, 2012 | By Bert Middleton This Is Where It All Begins. I hate to be the one to tell you but . . . you probably have gout […]

Alzheimers and Dementia: why your brain can’t be reached.body brain barrier

The Body Brain Barrier is a membrane that prevents anything that shouldn’t get to our brain passing through it. It’s essential in protecting the brain from toxins of all forms but is so efficient that it also prevents drugs entering the brain. This has inhibited  the formulation of many Alzheimers drug strategies that rely on […]

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