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Doing something better.. simply

We’re about to send our specifications to the factory for our UltraStream H2 MkIII. Lots of ‘better’ for the same piece, and what I love.. everyone who already has an UltraStream will receive all the benefits when they order their next UltraStream replacement filter. Ah, simplicity; the last bastion of creativity. Like the picture on […]

Is this Guy Really on Molecular Hydrogen?

We’ve been getting some amazing tales from people who’ve been using I LOVE H2 for training. Better results, less post workout pain, faster, better, higher. But when this guy sent us his video of performance increase I wonder … Learn more about this amazing sports supplement here.

Your Brain after a Big Mac

Devoted soda drinkers began to lose their minds when an infographic outlining the harmful effects a single can of Coca-Cola has on the body in one hour began circulating the Internet. Now a new infographic has revealed what a Big Mac from McDonald’s can do to the body in the same amount of time. In […]

Your Fave Fries a Carcinogen?

Just in time for National Potato Chip Day, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a guidance for the food industry on ways to reduce a potential carcinogen in the salty snack food, as well as in French fries. Starchy foods, such as bagels, were recently targeted for being linked to lung cancer. Now officials are […]

UltraStream Hydrogen water Success

Hydrogen Water Report Matt Gordon called us last week. He’s from Bunnan, NSW. Matt’s 40 and prior to ordering his UltraStream, was constantly stiff and in pain, had a bloated belly and had, in his words, ‘one foot in the grave’. He told us that he was on water from a plastic tank. In our […]


Zika virus is losing steam as the latest “threat to humanity” (remember Ebola, swine flu, West Nile, bird flu and others before it). But there is a clear and present danger that isn’t getting as much press. Today Australian Rock Hero John English dies of ‘surgical complications’. I’m not going to make claims at this […]

A new emerging factor behind prostate cancer

Sherry Brescia sent me this. About 1 out of 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, and although it can be very curable, it’s second only to lung cancer in terms of cancer-related deaths in men. And despite the “War on Cancer” that was waged in the early 70’s and the […]

What a Grand Idea!

England will soon be home to Europe’s largest floating solar farm, if not the world. The 6.3 megawatt array consists of 23,000 solar panels that sit on the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir at Walton-on-Thames, a suburb of London near Heathrow Airport. According to The Guardian, the £6 million (about $8 million) project will help power local water treatment plants that provide clean drinking […]

The untold truth about what supports our life; cell signalling

What single biological function has been essential to every living organism’s growth, health and advancement – and is more important than any other? It’s called cell signalling; the ability for one cell in the body to ‘talk’ to another. Now here’s another question for you. What biological process does one in every three pharmaceutical drugs […]

A Good Laugh about Molecular Hydrogen

OK, OK. I am sure that other nationalities have a good laugh about some translations of English that Mother Google manages to mangle. So my Japanese friends, please excuse me. I am laughing at Google, not you. I was looking at a Japanese company that manufactures canned H2 water, and clicked through to their testimonial page. […]

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