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By Ian Hamilton

The ClearSkin Diet.

Jeff Behar, MS MBA wrote this and we think it’s worth sharing. The ClearSkin Diet Jeff classifies water as a food, and we agree. In fact it’s the one absolutely skin indispensible food. Group 1 – Water! Understandably

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pH Reagent vs. pH Test strips

pH TESTING TIP. If you’ve ever used pH strips.. then used liquid pH reagent, you’ll now that the strips seem to read lower than the reagent when used to measure alkaline water.   We’d have

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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

There was simply nothing that could make this day any better.After running, jumping, shouting, playing games.. I was tired and thirsty. We all descended on the snack table to refuel. And that’s when I saw it. The sweet, bubbly, carbonated drink that I had only ever dreamed of tasting.