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Arsenic has a complex and dangerous history. It has many forms and it can even transform from one to another just as a chameleon changes its colors. At the atomic level, arsenic easily exchanges ions, making it capable of existing in many different chemical forms. It can combine readily with many other elements. Its shape […]

Undersink Kits for water ionizers. They’re all the same, right? Wrong!

When you’ve seen as much as we have, you understand that good quality fitting matter. We had one customer with our old AlkaStream in WA. His AlkaStream blew up, flooding his kitchen. Our insurance company was not amused. We no longer sell this unit and have been helping people upgrade to the UltraStream with an […]

Hydrogen in Water Ionizers; Is bubbly water good? Expert tells all.

For many years we thought that the milky tiny bubbles that appeared in our glass of water from our electric ionizer was a good thing. In those days we thought it meant ‘microclustering’. Now we know it’s molecular hydrogen. But is it a good thing that we see all these bubbles? Here’s what Molecular Hydrogen […]

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