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Make your home healthier today!

There are some really simple things you can do today to upgrade your home’s health quotient.  We know, we know.. there are SO MANY hazards to our health in our life from the air we breathe to the water we drink, to the food we eat and the ‘terrorist’ who lurk in our subconscious. But […]

Does it H2 or does it not? This guy isn’t too sure!

I received an email a few days ago. I was very interested in the claim it made. (check the pic) I emailed the advertiser because if there really was something ‘out there’ better than our UltraStream – I wanted to know. After all, we had submitted it to a huge (and very expensive) testing regimen […]

ORP or O.R.P

ORP or O.R.P or Oxidation/Reduction Potential is a measure of voltage in water. It is not an antioxidant. It is not something in your water. It is an indication (only) of the net positive or negative electrical charge in the water. It has been touted as an antioxidant by thousands under undertrained water ionizer sellers. […]

How antibiotics destroy Mitochondria and cause weight gain

“I don’t understand why more people aren’t blogging about this. Antibiotics cause significant weight gain. I see it in clinic all the time. Guest Post By Lara Briden It’s not unusual for me to hear a story from a patient like this: “I don’t know what happened. I was doing really well with weight loss, but […]

The Quantum nature of Hydrogen

For the first time, scientists have discovered a classic formula for pi in the world of quantum physics.   Pi is the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter, and is incredibly important in pure mathematics, but now scientists have also found it “lurking” in the world of physics, when using quantum mechanics to […]

Kale’s Secret Power

Kale – What You Probably Didn’t Know ‘cos you never thought to ask! Kale is simply one on the healthiest food choices you can put on your table. It’s a  member of the cabbage family, power packed with vitamins A, K, C, with serious amounts of B vitamins as well as trace minerals. And… it’s low in carbs and calories. […]

The Roundup on Glyphosate (Roundup Herbicide)

EFSA declares Glyphosate ‘non-carcinogenic’. Despite the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that glyphosate is a probable carcinogen, EFSA has concluded otherwise. An’expert group’ of EFSA scientists and EU state risk assessment bodies (read: insurance men in suits) have finalised their own re-assessment of glyphosate, a chemical found in pesticides. They have decided that glyphosate is […]

Pharmaceuticals in your drinking water?

ScienceToday has just published report on pharmaceuticals seeping into our water. Worth a read. According to the WQA, (luckily) good catalytic carbon like we employ in the UltraStream is sufficient to block them. It’s not the first warning; another report here discussed it on September 9 posting the idea that all new drugs should be […]

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