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Turmeric, Curcumin and Molecular Hydrogen. The Missing Link

Ever since I spent a year in India I’ve loved the sight, the smell and the taste of Turmeric. Given the basically carbohydrate dominated diet of most Indians, and the shocking state of pollution of their diet staple foods, maybe Turmeric is keeping most of India alive and healthy! I’m also lucky living here at Byron Bay […]

Spicy Arugala Salad

Ty Bollinger from ‘The Truth About Cancer’ just published this excellent recipe. His website is a treasure trove of alternative cancer thought. I love it becasue I love Arugala AKA Rocket. It self-seeds in our garden, providing us with an almost continual accompaniment to our alkaline paleo breakfast. (And the new chickens DON’T like it […]

New report on the effects of molecular hydrogen in water on lung problems

I have a good friend who was quite an athlete. She was known as ‘The Runner’ at her gym BEFORE she contracted Lyme Disease. She could rack up 5km easily. Some years of intense healing followed and I remember how she looked at one stage. We really contemplated losing her, and she wasn’t running anywhere. […]

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