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A He Fish? A She Fish. A (S)He fish?

Most of us have heard of birth control pills causing sex changes in native fish. Few of us have pondered whether it’s also happening to us…. We already know Birth control pills and herbicides wreak all kinds of havoc on the sexual development of aquatic life.. and perhaps even our children. Now the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has discovered […]

You’re welcome Vanuatu!

Regular readers will remember that we offered a complete donation of proceeds from AlkaWay clients who wanted to trade in their electric Delphi water ionizers to the natural alternative, the UltraStream. SEVEN people took us up on our offer and as a result we are presenting a  cheque to Oxfam for $2613.00 Now… any ideas for […]

Injections into the brain….

Erica, our inhouse naturopath is charged with keeping up to date with the latest studies involving the therapeutic use of hydrogen water. There’s a great study she is looking at right now that shows how H2 supports the production of Ghrelin. Beyond regulating hunger, ghrelin also plays a significant role in regulating the distribution and […]

What – exactly – does H2 do in the body to assist in sports performance?

We sell I LOVE H2 and the UltraStream because we believe in the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen. Unlike the many years when we had almost no science to support the claim that drinking alkaline water, now we have hundreds of studies available on over a hundred different health modalities. So every new study helps […]

Testicular cancer from Sports Supplements?

Given that our I LOVE H2 is a sports supplement.. this article caught my attention… BIG TIME! Gym rats and exercise enthusiasts looking to enhance their physique and musculature often consume a range of sports supplements – from protein to creatine to beta-alanine and more – but what if the trade-off was the health of […]


We are SO lucky living in the country. Uniformity may be something we’ve been programmed to accept as ‘good’ or ‘safe’, but the joy of an oversize googy egg is still with me 65 years after my first experience.

The Alkaline Diet on $65 a week?

Ian and Cassie discuss the reality of living on a pension in Australia and eating good clean healthy  food. Can it be done on $65 a week? What do you think? Ian Hamilton:              Hi guys. Ian Hamilton and Cassie Bond again. We just got an email from a lady called Alma. I’m going to read […]

Breakfast: is it your ‘Meal of the Day’?

Cassie the Dietician isn’t Cassie the researcher and originator of the New Alkaline Diet. THAT Cassie is my partner, but Cassie the Dietician is also a brilliant researcher on a parallel path to us here at AlkaWay. She’s very much into Paleo and Low Carb, so are we. So I’m happy to add some links to some […]

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