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Henk, whatever you are doing, keep doing it!

Long time customer Henk messaged us today. “Hi Cassie and Ian. Have followed you website for 10 or so years, still use my Melody every day make about 5 litres daily but my pH is never over 6 so what should I do to improve? We eat as a rule of sum a very healthy and […]

OK. Now really.. does cancer respond to alkalinity or acidity?

It’s obviously a  question with many possible answers mainly because there are so many variants of cancers. However we have seen an often repeated claim made in the alkaline water ionizer seller’s sphere. Sellers – especially less educated MLM sellers – continue to this day to quote Nobel prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg as saying cancer […]

Detox or Bug?

It’s not uncommon for some newcomers to AlkaWay water to experience detox symptoms. This usually occurs in the form of flu-like symptoms, sometimes a headache, fuzzy or wooly feelings. We talked to Erica, our inhouse Naturopath about her thoughts on identifying the difference between detox and a bug. Here’s what she said in simple form […]

A Truly GREAT Reason to own an AlkaWay water filter

Strange-tasting tap water in Mexico City turned out to have a tragic origin after the body of an aspiring actress was found decomposing in the water system in December. “Residents of an apartment building in Mexico City had been complaining for months about the strange taste of their drinking water. When council workers finally responded […]

Extraordinarily Good New Asian Alkaline Diet Recipe

Dr Ben Kim is one of my fave natural therapists and he really does a recipe well when he does it. In this one he uses my favourite greens of all, the fragrant tasting Pak Choy. Take a look here at the step by step preparation. One more thing: this recipe is a great example […]

kale and other cruciferous vegetables

Eating kale and other cruciferous vegetables two to three times a week or, even better, four to five times a week, is an easy way to significantly boost your health. Just one cup of kale will flood your body with disease-fighting vitamins K, A, and C, along with respectable amounts of manganese, copper, B vitamins, […]

Hey Troy!

So many of our clients know the friendly and helpful voice of Troy. He always did his best to assist – beyond the call of duty. Troy has decided to go back to college and finish teacher training. He had already graduated in Japanese, and his long term plan is to live in Japan with […]

Poor Shoppers may be that by CHOICE!

Ever stand behind one of those shoppers in the supermarket queue and feel amazed at the poor dietary choices that person is making? Then find yourself looking at the person and judging the effect of their choices. I have. Me bad. But here’s something that shows that my hope that if people could just access better […]

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