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The French ARE different

Following the incredible ‘Je Suis Charlie’ turnout in France one is inclined to look favourably on the French psyche. Then we read this. What do you think of this bit of bureacratese? Sweeteners no swap for sugar say French authorities The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) has concluded that recommending […]

Is this what we have to look forward to?

Retrospective isn’t a great way to view health issues. [checklist style=”arrow”] If only I hadn’t drunk Coke every day until I was 20 (false teeth) If only I hadn’t stood in front of the huge speakers at the Midnight Oil concert. (tinnitus) If only I hadn’t been e vegetarian for so long. (osteoporosis) If only […]

Bill Gates drinks Poo Water

Credit where it’s due: I didn’t develop the information I’m sharing — but it’s too good to merely retweet or “like.” My enthusiasm stems from one of the world’s most famous, influential, and capable people getting fully behind sustainable wastewater treatment and direct potable reuse, bringing widespread attention to typically underappreciated water issues. That person […]

Hydrogen Powered Superwoman

Rachel Neylan is one of our AlkaWay Sports Ambassadors, powered by our hydrogen water and supplements. Why the congreats? She just came in 2nd at the 2015 Australian women’s road race championship on Saturday, but runner-up Rachel Neylan recorded a personal victory that she hopes will help propel the 2012 UCI road worlds silver medallist toward […]

Good fats SHOULD be in the Alkaline Diet

Yes, yes, we’re an alkaline diet and water website but we are a lot more than that. We are the originators of the New Alkaline Diet, and that diet includes fats – whether they are acids or not. And our equal fave (the other one is coco oil) is avocado. Avocados are very high in fat, […]

A Dry Month

Does giving up all alcohol for a month really make a difference, even if you’re just in the habit of drinking a glass or two of wine a few times a week? Prior to last year, there wasn’t much research to back this up, but now there is! Last year, the team at the New […]

We’re going to drink more water! Yes we are…. maybe.

Nearly three- quarters (72 percent) of Americans will be committing to “drinking enough water” in 2015, according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the Council for Responsible Nutrition. “Water is a must! It’s essential to many bodily functions for people of all ages. We’re encouraged to see that people recognize the […]

Lifetime Warranties. The difference between USA and Australia

We’ve been intrigued to see some water ionizer companies offering lifetime warranties on their electronic water ionizers. Having been in the business longer than all the companies we watch offering this, we understand how long an electronic water ionizer will last and what sort of support it requires as it gets older.. and we’ve wondered […]

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