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Another great recipe for your New Alkaline Diet

Riceless Chinese Cauliflower Fried Rice When you drop the grains addiction you look around for alternatives. One great alternative we’ve managed to make into or use in many dishes is the humble yet alkaline cauliflower. mashed with grassfed butter it’s BETTER than mashed potato, and in this recipe we use it instead of rice.Ingredients   […]

Chai Chia Breakfast

We are unabashed robbers. When we see something that would help our diet people, we want to tell everyone. Lee, over at Supercharged Foods is a prolific recipe creator and inspirational writer (not to mention a great website with real style!) This latest recipe of hers for a breakfast pudding looks great. Chai Chia Breakfast […]

“A Dried Up Old Fart’ is now a reality

Dehydration common among UK care home residents Research recently published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine concludes… “patients admitted to hospital from care homes are commonly dehydrated on admission and consequently appear to experience significantly greater risks of in-hospital mortality”. The researchers were from Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust, the […]

Acne: Diet or Drug?

As a 69 year old, I got over the idea that a pimple could be life threatening quite a few years ago, but every time I see a kid or adult with acne, my heart reaches out to them because I know they are likely to be depressed, anxious or feel socially isolated. They go […]

Breakfast of Champions

Denae Brown is current Australian No1 Crossfit female plus the 2011 Aust No 1 Amy Dracup. What powers her? Rocket Fuel. Want to try it and need a little encouragement? Check this video of Erica and Cassie and then look below for a ‘deal’. The 250ml bottle is normally $30. Buy one here to see for […]

Where have you installed YOUR UltraStream?

When you have a really, really great water system like the UltraStream it doesn’t really matter where tit goes, as long as you can get the water. John, our man on the ground in California attended an open house recently, and guess what he found in the bathroom?

Brainwashing our kids for future customer potential

They do it because it WORKS! A Dartmouth research team has found that alcohol television ads—with their images of good times and beautiful people–are reaching adolescents and  creating a negative effect on their behavior, . Susanne Tanski, MD and colleagues at Dartmouth Medical College and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health discovered that when asked […]

In our new Alkaline Diet and Defence Program we take a strong stand against eating wheat. Here’s 5 reasons why. The standard American diet is a diet of chronic disease and death. Our food supply has been killing us slowly.  White flour has been killing you! In 1910, the Federal District Court of Missouri declared […]

A wee drink of Wee

How do astronauts have enough water to drink? Well, one way is a smart little gadget that converts 80% of their pee back into good water. More here.

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