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New report links massive cancer mortality rates with OBESITY

A new study published in Lancet’s Oncology Journal by the International Agency for research on cancer carried out a population study. They compared BMI and cancer data on 20+ year olds. They assumed a ten year lag to ensure they made correct assumptions. The result? They found that in 2012 excess body weight was the […]

Beet Juice or Water for blood pressure management?

Yes, Beetroot juice lowers systolic blood pressure A new study has shown that daily consumption of beetroot juice may significantly reduce systolic blood pressure (BP) in overweight older people. The study, in Nutrition Research, showed that just three weeks supplementation led to a reduction of systolic BP of 1.3mmHg. 24 participants were randomised to either […]

Are you for real?

I stumbled upon an article by a well known alkaline diet practitioner. This article suggests a diet of his supplements taken daily for what he calls ‘natural blood building. Perhaps I’m naive.. but.. can you imagine taking all this every day? 1)  Drink 250ml of XXXXXXX  liquid Chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is the concentrated blood of green plants […]

Fluoride in Maine?

Already controversial in the water sector, fluoride now appears to be threatening the safety of Maine drinking water. “A new study out of Maine suggests that residents across the New England state are regularly subjected to drinking water containing double the amount of fluoride considered to be dangerous by federal guidelines,” RT reported.  This fluoride is occurring naturally and […]

Swedish mobile phone study reveals 3-fold increased brain tumour after 25 years

Swedish mobile phone study reveals 3-fold increased brain tumour after 25 years A recent large cohort study from Sweden lends further weight to previous findings by the author, Lennart Hardell, about mobile and cordless phones and brain tumour risk. Published online in the journalPathophysiology, the analysis looked at data from a total of 1498 malignant […]

Turmeric increases memory efficiency, so what about hydrogen?

I received this report today. I’ve seen a number of reports on turmeric recently all raving about its antioxidant and anti inflammation effects, which, as I’ve pointed out, accurately parallels the effects of hydrogen rich water. “”We found that this modest addition to breakfast improved working memory over six hours in older people with pre-diabetes,”” […]


We are currently researching the effect of hydrogen rich AlkaWay UltraStream water on the skin. There’s some good results coming out of Japanese universities showing that simply washing your face with HRW daily; a ‘cleanse’ as ladies are wont to call it, has definite effects on wrinkles. Erica, our inhouse naturopath, sent me this today. […]

AlkaStream – An Important message

Are you Considering the AlkaStream? AlkaWay are the originators of the AlkaStream design. The AlkaStream was originally sold as the AOK909 from China. AlkaWay took the basic design and improved it with a stronger top, better US made media and a longer spout. We sold over 4000 units worldwide, so why have we given it […]

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