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From the ANH website It’s that time of year again. No, we don’t mean the festivities. We mean the detox-bashing in the mainstream media that always floods the airwaves at this time of year. This year it’s the turn of the Guardian newspaper to fire up the skeptics and get the detox-bashing off to a […]

AlkaWay in Italia!

Damian Alberti is going to be a great Italian distributor of AlkaWay products. In preparation, he has created this excellent site.

UltraStream water and Stomach Acid

Had a good Q from Peter today… “Hi Ian, I have been asked a question by an elderly friend whom we organised a UltraStream for! He showed his doctor the brochure…..and the question was asked… The Alkalizing effect on stomach acid levels!” Firstly, Peter, we need to compare alkalinity and pH. alkalinity is a measure […]

We got your Frackin’ Fingerprints!

A HUGE worry for anyone within miles of fracking operations is the poisoning of groundwater. Thousands of litres of poisons are added to millions of litres of water pumped under pressure to break up the substructure of gas bearing rock.  This report from Treehugger, however, means the frackers who don’t want to take responsibility will […]

Long Distance Running and hydrogen water

Ultra Runner Stutisheel Oleg Lebediev completed the official longest race in the world this past summer. The race was done in laps on the streets of Queens, New York in July-August 2014 for a total of 3,1000 miles. Ukranian Lebediev drank hydrogen rich ionizedwater in preparation for and during his 2014 3,100 mile race. In […]

What you don’t know about FAT

Along with proteins and carbohydrates, fat is an essential nutrient that provides energy for the body. Fat not only serves a metabolic function, but also plays a structural role in the building of cell membranes. Fat is found primarily beneath the skin and is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Fat also helps to cushion and protect […]

Lucky Us! Now we can watch TV as they check us for cancer!

At RSNA in Chicago, Philips is introducing its new ‘in-bore patient distraction’ offering for patients undergoing head-first scans under MRI. Currently, only exams that keep the patient’s head outside the scanner allow for headphones to be worn and a display to be seen. The new Philips solution is essentially a video screen positioned outside the […]

Could you live on four litres a day?

Could you live on four liters of water per day? A nonprofit is challenging people to try it for a day to encourage conservation and highlight the distress of those who live in places where clean water is not readily available. “Fill a one liter water bottle and use it for everything: cooking, cleaning, drinking […]

AlkaWay Whole House Filtration

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