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Food against Alzheimers.

Of anyone, I’m most aware of the problem of a deteriorating mind. Our video on Youtube about my recovery from all the signs of Alzheimers has now had over 243,000 visitors and according to the comments, has helped countless people. So this list of ‘brain foods’ was of interest to me. It came from where […]

Not tonight Honey, I have a toxic overload.

We’ve been going on for years about phthalates, the chemical mixed in with vinyl to make it soft and pliable. We noted previously what it was doing to men;  now a new study finds that they are not too terrific for women either.  (From Treehugger’s Michael Graham Richard (@Michael_GR) Phthalates strike again We’ve been covering the impact […]

Coconutty for you! Best price best oil.

We’ve introduced the benefits of coconut oil to many many people. Our video on my miraculous regaining of my mind using coco oil has now gone over 200,000 views and we have heaps of feedback from people who tried it and had good results. Now.. for you Aussies only.. we have a summer special. if […]

Tomatoes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oxygen and Warfarin

Had this email from a long term client of ours who has been on the ‘alkaline path’ for eight years. Dear  Ian, Thanks for your comments on Sharyn e-mail on tomatoes (my daily supply of lycopene + Legos organic paste) etc. As your customer since August 2011 (ALPHION)  and recently started  Ultra Stream, trying to […]

Fat loss and Diabetes support with molecular hydrogen?

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) has already been studied in depth and found to be an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.  But what about diabetes and obesity? The development of type 2 diabetes is linked to increased oxidative stress (free radical damage).  A study using diabetic mice found that giving them H2 water improved obesity and diabetes parameters.  […]

Bone Breakers

Dr William Davis, MD, author of best seller Wheat Belly’ has an interesting/disturbing  comment on the role of gluten in bone loss. “One way to guage acid-induced extraction of calcium from bone is to measure urinary calcium loss. A University of Toronto study examined the effect of increasing gluten consumption from bread on the level […]

How intelligent do you want your shower to be?

I admit it. I’m a shower hog. That blissful experience, repeated daily, of warm water splashing on my naked body…. so how much would I like automation to intrude on this ‘sacred space’? Firstly there was the little shower timer you stuck to the glass. The idea was to punch in on it as you […]

Here’s to Agave. May it rest in peace.

Agave. The very name is exciting, redolent of Mexican deserts and secret herbs. It comes from the same plant used to sweeten Tequila. It’s on the shelves of your local health food shop in more and more products. Why? And it is a good natural substitute for sugar, maple syrup or honey? Perhaps if you […]

Our “New” Alkaline Diet program

Want More details? Click here. The ‘Old” Alkaline Diet states that our natural state is alkaline. For this reason, it suggests, we have to maintain our alkaline balance to maintain health. Many claims have been made about the scientific support for this theory, but when we really pursued the science we found that it was […]

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