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By Ian Hamilton

What is Alkalinity?

ALKALINITY As many of you know, the opposite of acidic water is alkaline water. What many do not realize is that alkaline and alkalinity are two totally different things. For example ‘sparkling water’ otherwise known

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What is ORP?

ORP is a term bandied about in the water ionizer scene – usually by wet behind the ears water ionizer salesmen. Yet it is an important indicator of the ability of a water to kill

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Alzheimers and the Dreaded Fag

In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report entitled “Tobacco Use & Dementia,”3, 4 based on a comprehensive scientific review of tobacco use, exposure to secondhand smoke, and incidence rates for all types

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Cell Signalling and Molecular Hydrogen

Alkaway resident Naturopath Erica has just completed a presentation of her summation of the scientific studies on cell signalling. Cell signalling is something few people understand, but let’s face it- that’s a pretty weak reason to ignore

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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

There was simply nothing that could make this day any better.After running, jumping, shouting, playing games.. I was tired and thirsty. We all descended on the snack table to refuel. And that’s when I saw it. The sweet, bubbly, carbonated drink that I had only ever dreamed of tasting.