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Alkalinity and Cancer; Hoisted on its own petard?

When you get too into one way of thinking, you often lose sight of the whole picture. Alkaline philosophy has been pushed hard as a simple and comprehensive alternative cancer therapy.. all under the radar, of course. So this report really throws the cat among the pigeons. Or, to butcher another metaphor, the alkaline protagonists […]

Bluegreen Algae Anyone?

 The Water Quality Association (WQA) released an official statement on cyanotoxins, such as microcystin, which was recently detected in Toledo, Ohio’s public water supply, according to a press release. Cyanobacteria, certain varieties of freshwater algae, could be present in surface water, such as lakes and rivers, stated the release. With the right conditions, cyanobacteria, sometimes referred to […]

All about BACTERIA in Your Water

Both bacteria and viruses are microorganisms regulated by the US EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) criteria. Viruses are the smallest form of microorganisms capable of causing disease, particularly those of a fecal origin infectious to humans by waterborne transmission; bacteria are typically single-celled microorganisms that can also cause health problems in humans, animals or plants, […]

Adventitious Cucumbers?

Hydrogen-rich water regulates cucumber adventitious root development Abstract Hydrogen gas (H2) is an endogenous gaseous molecule in plants. Although its reputation is as a “biologically inert gas”, recent results suggested that H2has therapeutic antioxidant properties in animals and plays fundamental roles in plant responses to environmental stresses. However, whether H2 regulates root morphological patterns is largely […]

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