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By Ian Hamilton


Scientists have made a modified protein that they claim can mimic the behaviour of fat during the manufacturing of food. They believe that substituting the fat with this protein could help cut calories in food products and

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All about BACTERIA in Your Water

Both bacteria and viruses are microorganisms regulated by the US EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) criteria. Viruses are the smallest form of microorganisms capable of causing disease, particularly those of a fecal origin infectious to

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Adventitious Cucumbers?

Hydrogen-rich water regulates cucumber adventitious root development Abstract Hydrogen gas (H2) is an endogenous gaseous molecule in plants. Although its reputation is as a “biologically inert gas”, recent results suggested that H2has therapeutic antioxidant properties

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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. OMG!

There was simply nothing that could make this day any better.After running, jumping, shouting, playing games.. I was tired and thirsty. We all descended on the snack table to refuel. And that’s when I saw it. The sweet, bubbly, carbonated drink that I had only ever dreamed of tasting.