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The Herxheimer Reaction

We are posting this because after 20 years’ experience we know that many people will have this happen to them when they change their daily health regimen, including beginning to alkalize. The Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it may experience […]

Can you trust your Water Authority?

Here’s a glaring example of the fact that you can’t trust ’em.. (From Alternet)  It took nearly five days after a major chemical spill in West Virginia for residents to receive the go-ahead to start using their water again. Nearly 7,500 gallons of crude MCHM (AKA 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol) — a little-known chemical used to wash coal — […]

How to really stuff up a marketing campaign

diet-cavemanI like marketing: it’s the pitting of creativity against the dominant paradigm. It’s what I think I know proven to be right – or horribly wrong. And given the fast changing nature of marketing, as it swirls in the vapourtrail of the big jet Internet, there’s a pretty good change of failure. Let’s face it, marketing is in turmoil as old players so their best to adopt and new players come in, urged by the last hot marketing guru’s email and his ‘special’ software that is going to rocket you to the front page of Google for a mere $7.

Meet Tyler LeBaron

tylersideways4webWant to remain at the forefront of the Hydrogen revolution?
There’s just one man you need to follow.

Here he is.

Why should you subscribe to his blog??

becasue IMHO this is going to be the biggest self-health strategy we’ve seen in decades. It’s not a ‘fix-it’ strategy. So many of H2’s benefits are about prevention rather than fixing things up after they go wrong. And Tyler is THE MAN on H2.

A New Chapter in the Hydrogen revolution

Bert Middleton, AKA The Gout Killer asked me to write a chapter for a new book by health guru Peter Greenlaw introducing molecular hydrogen.

Here’s your sneak preview.

Studies on molecular hydrogen have expanded greatly in the last seven years. This most common element seems to have been ignored simply because it is common. Yet hydrogen is extremely unique. It is capable of acting at the cellular level. And now the 350+ studies are showing a huge range of therapeutic effects, one has to wonder why any real volume of research only happened after one study was published in the prestigious science journal, ‘Nature’. The reluctant conclusion is that a prestige journal is a necessity for good science to be recognized.

Is fear of cancer causing cancer? The expert’s answer is YES

Close-Up Of A Doctor Wearing A MaskA just published study in the Journal of American Medical Association: Otolaryngology has shown up over-diagnosis of cancer and treatment of unthreatening tumors for the 300% increase in thyroid cancer researchers have seen since 1975. There has been an ever-increasing body of evidence that detailed questions certain scientists had about the need for aggressive cancer treatment.

The treatment of certain types of cancers (often ones in the prostate, breast and lung) is sometimes not considered to be medically necessary since they would not become deadly to the individual. Thyroid cancer is also said to be similar.

As many of you already know, your thyroid governs the release of hormones in the body and helps do many things like regulate your metabolism. Thyroid cancer involves the removal of the gland from your throat and then involves a lifetime of hormone pills to supplement its loss.

The Future of Alkaline water is here and now.

Those of you who have been following this blog would already be aware that we have developed the UltraStream, the world’s first validated non electric water filter and hydrogen producer, and that it has tested better than the most expensive electric system on the market. We knew that there was more to learn and we knew that japan was the place H2 was ‘happening’.

Along the way, we also wanted to check out some of the sales supporting stories we have all heard over the years and see if they were true.

Firstly, we wanted to see if,a s we have been told, alkaline ionized water was available ‘everywhere’.

Can we tax sugar out of use?

It’s a hard argument. Tax has been used as one of the few methods to reduce use of drugs like cigarettes and liquor. And yes, there is some evidence that taxation works in this way. So would it work with sugar?

It appears that experts and campaign groups alike do believe a tax on sugar would be a good idea with regard to the obesity crisis, but are concerned that the government won’t support or implement it.

To Sun or not to sun? That is the question.. and here’s the answer!

A new Swedish study recently published in the Journal of Internal Medicine followed 30,000 women over a period of 20 years, having recorded detailed information about their sun habits at the start of the study. The Karolinska Institute researchers found that, among those who avoided sun exposure, twice as many women died from all causes over the period compared with those having the highest sun exposure.

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