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Does Molecular Hydrogen ‘fix’ you if you’ve been loaded up with pesticides?

  CPF is a common pesticide. Here are the findings (below) from this report. Hydrogen molecules protect rats from CPF-induced damage of hippocampal neurons. The increased GFAP expression induced by CPF can also be ameliorated by hydrogen. Hydrogen molecules attenuated the increase in CPF-induced oxidative stress. Hydrogen molecules attenuated AChE inhibition in vivo and in vitro. Hydrogen molecules […]

NZ Water fluoridation. Oh No! riots in the streets!

It’s been reported that residents of Petone in New Zealand would “riot on the street” if the Ministry of Health decided to add fluoride to their water supply. The remarks were reportedly made by the community board chairman, Mike Fisher, who, it is claimed, said: “There was an outcry in the 1990s when Hutt City Council suggested adding fluoride to […]

UK’s NHS Health Crisis means decision time.

Looking after NUMBER ONE Looking at the crisis facing the NHS in the UK,  UK residents owe it to themselves and their loved ones to do as much as they can to avoid unnecessary visits to GPs or hospitals. Those who’ve not got the message now and modified diets and lifestyle will pay a heavy […]

The Plastic Bottle Story

A great post from Seth Godin! This is ours “Last night on the bike path I passed a well-dressed citizen, walking along with a bottle of water. I was stunned to see him finish his water and hurl the bottle into the woods. I stopped and said, “Hey, please don’t do that.” He looked at […]

14 Seriously Interesting Facts about water in your body.

1. Why Water is really, really important. You may be healthy. This doesn’t mean you appreciate the importance of water intake. As a result there’s a good chance you may end up suffering from ongoing, l dehydration. 2. Want Energy? If you are even a little ‘dry’ you slow  enzyme activity. So you’ll probably experience lower energy […]

Fat loss by eating fat?

Coconut Oil and Abdominal Fat Loss   Some VERY interesting studies recently on the relationship between coconut oil (or any type of coconut fat, including coconut milk and cream) and how it can affect your body fat are surfacing and I’m very happy.. I’m, I’m healthy and i consume LOTS of it! But how can coconut oil […]

What’s best to get molecular hydrogen? Water or Turmeric?

Turmeric: The ‘Wonder Spice”. Turmeric has long been recommended as a natural anti-inflammatory. Dr Joe Mercola goes further. He says it is also good for the joints, the skin and digestion. Further, he says it supports your body’s immune system by its antioxidant properties. We’re not going to argue. But we’d simply point out the […]

Eight Steps To Super Healthy Water from AlkaWay

Eight Steps To Super Healthy Water   In our last blog post, we talked about the “why” of our revolutionary UltraStream alkaline water filter system: Why Our Filtration Process is Better. This post has a little more detail on how the eight step system works and what each step adds to the quality of the […]

Why our Filtration Process is better

Why Our Water Filtration Process is Better Water filters are everywhere. They range in cost from under twenty dollars to hundreds and even thousands of dollars for an under-sink, electrically powered reverse osmosis system (like our own UltRo System). So what makes our energy-saving UltraStream mechanical filtration system a truly outstanding choice for American families? […]

The Stomach and alkaline ionized water. A scientist’s viewpoint.

As you’d be aware if you are a regular blog follower, there is some debate about the effects of alkaliene water on stomach acid. Tyler LeBaron, molecular hydrogen scientist, was asked about this question. Here’s his response. “First off you do not need stomach acid for digestion. In fact you don’t even need your stomach […]

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